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Juicy Organism is a jazz collective

in which the Hammond organ takes centre stage in 

varying settings and features.


Since the spring of 1995, a number of fine freelance 

jazz musicians accompany Juicy Organism 

to create every required setting and line up possible.


Inspired by the ‘swinging organ jazz’ of well known 

jazz and R&B organists like Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff, 

‘Brother’ Jack McDuff and Eddy Buster, Juicy Organism revives 

that intriguing sound of authentic lounge-live atmosphere 

so popular in the swinging fifties and sixties. 


Besides focussing on conventional jazz and blues harmonics, 

Juicy Organism also improvises on modern swing beats.

All of this totals up to a concept that is sure to leave its mark 

on every kind of live-music enjoying public.



















The official website of Juicy Organism! . . . Contains texts and music samples.